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In light of our 60+ years combined experience in the automotive industry and a true passion for classic British automobiles, we are embarking on a new venture together with the establishment of Heritage Spares.  Headquartered in Highland, Michigan, our company will serve as a principle North American distributor of renowned AP Braking (formerly AP Lockheed) brake and clutch replacement parts. 

Beginning in January of 2012, our customers will have access to: front and rear brake drums; calipers; remote and direct acting servos; single and tandem master cylinders; brake valves; repair kits; brake hoses; wheel cylinders; clutch master cylinders; clutch slave cylinders; clutch hoses; and clutch dampers.  The parts will be applicable to models spanning the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s for several of England’s classic brands, including: Austin; Austin-Healey; BMC; Jaguar; Land Rover; Mini; MG; Morgan; Morris; Riley; and Triumph.

By reintroducing genuine AP brake and clutch replacement parts to the U.S. and Canada, we are providing the British car enthusiast with the optimal maintenance or restoration solution – the ability to fit factory specified, original equipment replacement parts to their cars.  Our product line will feature genuine AP replacement parts that are manufactured to original tolerances from original AP tooling and specified materials.  This commitment to quality will help maintain the performance and safety that the British OEMs originally engineered into the car that you enjoy today! 

We believe that the brake, clutch and automotive engineering experience that we bring to the company, along with our intimate knowledge of classic British cars and our singular focus on original AP brake and clutch replacement parts, will help establish Heritage Spares as your preferred maintenance or restoration source.


Brian Thornton, President & VP of Sales and Marketing

From an early age, Brian has been hooked on British cars.  When most kids Brian's age aspired to own Camaros, Mustangs and Cudas, Brian fancied an MGA or Bugeyed Sprite!  It all began when Brian was eight.  Brian's father purchased an Austin-Healey 100-6 two-seat roadster from his brother (A BN6 for you Healey enthusiasts out there) for the princely sum of $100 USD.  The car was in horrible condition but it set in motion a passion that lives to this day.

Brian and his father patiently brought the car back to life and it eventually served as the first car that Brian ever drove!  Brian enjoyed working on the Healey and learning about its mechanical operation so much that it inspired him to pursue a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Lawrence Technological University located in Southfield, Michigan.  Upon graduating, Brian immediately went to work in Detroit's Auto Industry serving initially as a Product Development Engineer for Defiance Testing & Engineering Services and then as a Sales Representative for the same firm.  Brian saw a fundamental (and innovative) shift taking place in the way automobile OEM's and their Tier 1 suppliers were developing products...They were relying more on computer simulation and less on physical prototyping and testing.  Seeing this was the future of product development, Brian went to work for the World's largest developer of virtual product development software, MSC.Software.  Brian spent the next 15 years in various technical sales capacities including Account Executive to General Motors, Chrysler and Ford.  

After years of searching for a way to couple his passion for British cars with his technical sales and marketing background, a fortuitous lunch meeting arranged by a mutual friend introduced Brian to Keith Leigh-Monstevens.  The rest, as we like to say, is Heritage Spares!

Brian is married and has one daughter.  In his spare time, Brian enjoys maintaining, driving and restoring British cars.  His stable currently includes cars manufactured by Jaguar, Morgan and Austin-Healey (He still owns the 100-6 that his father brought home 37 years ago). 

Keith Leigh-Monstevens, Vice President of Engineering   

Keith was born and raised in Leamington Spa, England (home of Automotive Products (AP) Lockheed).  Upon g
raduating from High School in 1964, Keith began working for AP Lockheed as an Indentured Apprentice.  During his apprenticeship, Keith attended Warwickshire Technical College and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Keith worked in numerous divisions of AP Lockheed including AP Lockheed Brakes, AP Racing (you'll have to ask Keith about some of the F1 drivers, Team Managers and Owners that Keith had the opportunity to work with!), AP Spares Division, AP Laboratory and Manufacturing and AP USA.  In 1981, Keith transferred across the pond to work for AP USA.  During his employment with AP, Keith served in many capacities ranging from Design Draughtsman, Project Engineer, Divisional Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer and ultimately, Director of Engineering!  Keith knows brake and clutch engineering...What's more, he engineered the very same products that Heritage Spares proudly offers for sale today.

Keith is married and has three children.  He enjoys spending Friday evenings at the Commonwealth Club with his family and "mates" from the UK when he's not pursuing new products to aid our customers.

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