Welcome to Heritage Spares!

Your North American supplier of Genuine AP Braking (Formerly AP Lockheed) Brake and Clutch Replacement Parts for your Classic British Car

Quick Facts


Key Personnel:                                  Brian Thornton, President and VP of Sales & Marketing

                                                         Keith V. Leigh-Monstevens, VP of Engineering


Corporate Address:                           P.O. Box 1173

                                                         Highland, MI  48357


Corporate Phone:                              877.278.6465


Media Calls:                                      Please contact Elaine Marquis or Jennifer Ireland, Portfolio XXI



Web Site:                                           www.heritagespares.com


Company Overview:                          With backgrounds stemming from mechanical and automotive engineering, respectively, both Brian Thornton and Keith Leigh-Monstevens have an appreciation for the technology behind high quality automotive parts.  This developed into the motivation to found Heritage Spares.  The company will serve as a principle North American distributor of renowned AP Braking (formerly AP Lockheed) brake and clutch replacement parts.


                                                         Heritage Spares will provide customers with a product line that features genuine AP replacement parts that are manufactured to original tolerances from original AP tooling and specified materials.  This commitment to quality will help maintain the performance and safety that the British OEMs originally engineered into their products.


Parts Available:

§   Front and rear drum brakes                    §   Brake hoses

§   Calipers                                                §   Wheel cylinders

§   Remote and direct acting servos            §   Clutch master cylinders

§   Single and tandem master cylinders       §   Clutch slave cylinders

§   Brake valves                                         §   Clutch hoses

§   Repair kits                                             §   Clutch dampers       


Brands Serviced:                              

§     Austin                                                                    §   MG

§     Austin Healey                                                      §   Morgan

§     BMC                                                    §   Morris

§     Jaguar                                                                  §    Riley

§     Land Rover                                                          §   Triumph

§     Mini

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